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Helix II V2.18 Quickstart - error 1054

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I just downloaded an installed the QuickStart Helix V2.18 template. I get a database error #1054
"Unknown column 'extra_query' in 'field list' SQL=SELECT DISTINCT update_site_id, type, location, last_check_timestamp, extra_query FROM u4to6_update_sites WHERE enabled = 1"

In addition I have the following Database Errors:

" Database schema version (3.2.0) does not match CMS version (3.3.0-2014-04-02).
Database update version (3.2.0) does not match CMS version (3.3.1).
Table 'u4to6_update_sites' does not have column 'extra_query'. (From file 3.2.2-2013-12-22.sql.)
Table 'u4to6_updates' does not have column 'extra_query'. (From file 3.2.2-2013-12-22.sql.)
Table 'u4to6_updates' does not have column 'version' with type 'varchar(32)'. (From file 3.2.2-2014-01-18.sql.)"

You cannot update Joomla as it does not recognize the present version installed. Additionally you cannot load any extensions - it just hangs.

This is a serious bug that you should get on right away as the newbie will be totally frustrated and you will probably lose someone who is interested in the Helix II framework.

3 Answers

Rifat Wahid Alif - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Make sure that, you installed given database name isn't exist.

- Thanks


More than a month ago #Permalink
I tested the Helix II QuickStart V2.18 again and got the same error but used the "fix" to repair the database and the database was repaired.

The database name was unique.

I do not understand why I am getting the Joomla version uknown right after the clean install.

Rifat Wahid Alif - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
i installed in my local host and server helix 2 its woking great. could you please pm me hosting access ?

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