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Helix Ultimate quick Start Installation

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I have Joomla already installed via direct install on server to and add-on domain. Database is installed also and everything working well. No errors.

I need to install the Helix Ultimate Template quickstart. I think I have to use quickstart in order to get the full demo version if I understand correctly that the template only version a bare bones template. ??? Is that correct?

Directions say to put in the public_html folder, but since is add-on domain this is probably not the place to put it. I think it should go into the subdomain folder but I am not sure about that.

I already have a database. Do I create a new database for each new template install?

I have the developer plan. Is the version of SPPB installed with quickstart the pro-version or do I have to go back and replace that with the PRO version after installing Helix Ultimate quick start package? I thought maybe this activates as PRO when I add my license key.

Sorry for the questions, but am new to Joomla!

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
1) 1st read:
The rules are this same for all templates.

2) About database question.
It depends, for test purpose you can use this same database for 5 or even 10 websites.
For security reasons, for production websites, we suggest using a new database for each Joomla.

3) In Helix Ultimate QuickStart there is only Lite version. You have to install Pro. More info here:

4) Yes, I strongly suggest to buy and read at least one book about Joomla 3.x, it doesn't have to be my book.

5) Watch also videos on youtube, for example,
and similar

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