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how can disable the social icons ?

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Hi !!!

I try to edit an demo article with page builder in joomla article manager .
I have three questions can disable the social icons ? to process the first image with dimensions of 1110 x 642 (I can not find her)
3 what actions do I need to display one slideshow as it does in the home page of indigo

Untitled-1.png url 1utl2

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7 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
ad 1) Helix Options > Blog > Social icons : Off

ad 2) If you use QuickStrat presets for images are already there, so just upload big image inside the article using "Helix Blog Options" tab

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
ad 3) On home page we used Addon: Slideshow.
So if you want to have a similar slider you have switch article into SP Page Builder mode and use Addons,
but if you need only a very basic image slider for Article (displayed at the top) please use "Gallery" mode


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thank you for your help

ad 1)

If I follow this method Helix Options > Blog > Social icons : Off

then are deactivated only the social icons that are in position header.

The icons in the articles are displayed .i want to disable only them .

ad 3) I want to have the Slideshow a similar appearance as a home page (to be with the menu and header )
and I follow this method:
i switch article into SP Page Builder mode and use Addon Slideshow

the slider does not appear properly. To the right shows the social icons

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
ad 1) I thought about those, disable in default template or in all. Yes, it's for articles (!)


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
ad 3) maybe save Row from home page, and put inside your Article - it should be at least similar.

IMPORTANT! Articles work inside the container so, by default they are not full width, it requests extra hacks.
ad 3)The container is the problem in what I want to do.

are there any tutorials how to hacks the container ?

thank you !!!!

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
Yes, hopefully for you

SP Page Builder documentation > How to tips > How to set full width (fluid row) in Article

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