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How do you stack columns on top of each other in the Template Layout

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I just love the "Template Layout" but I can not figure out how to stack Columns on top of each other.

I love the Awetive Template and I want to be able to have the "Slide Position" take 3/4 of the page and then have 4 other positions to the right of this one on top of the other. I have added "Side-Options 1 through 4" in the TemplateDetails.xml file so that I can pick these but the only way I can push them to the right is using Offset 8 and that does not give me the results I want.

Please see the attached pdf of what I am trying to accomplish

I also attached a graphic of what I am trying accomplish. The bedroom is a slider and the Menus, Hours, Event & Take a Tour are Modules.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Thank You...


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2 Answers


More than a month ago #Permalink
Please see attachment of what I am trying to accomplish using the Template Layout.


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Sohan - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Make sure to made the positions with in span 12.

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