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How to add Font Awesome in Menu Item link

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Hi guys,
as far as I know in Joomla 3.9.19 are still present these 2 annoying issues

Now, with Helix Ultimate, if apply the workaround to use the Link Image Menu Item field instead the Link Class Menu Item field, the menu item link is moved below the icon > you can test it here in the offcanvas position I added a a red hearth icon to the "Servicios" menu link

Please, Do you have any trick or tip to solve it in the simplest way ?

6 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
If we talk about offcanvas [=] menu, here is free tip:

.offcanvas-menu ul.menu li img {
float: left;
padding-top: 7px;
padding-right: 10px;


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
If you would ask me why "Services" name is moved, it's because of HTML structure of menu item

<li class="item-1123">
<a href="/servicios">
<img src="/images/Services/heart-red.png" alt="Servicios">
<span class="image-title">Servicios</span>


3 weeks ago #Permalink
Hi Paul,
many thanks for your tip! Too appreciated.
Yes, I forgot to point up that I'm testing it with HU 2.0 alpha 1, so the question:
BTW, If you would ask me why "Services" name is moved, it's because of HTML structure of menu item
The question was tendentious, that is:
Please, Is it something that depends on Joomla or is it something that can be corrected in Helix Ultimate? What is the involved file ?

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
All I can promise you is that during HU 2.0 beta tests I will inform our dev team to fix it


3 weeks ago #Permalink
Hi Paul,
thanks, as far as I understand from our answer it depend from Helix Ultimate, I'm going to report it on GitHub https://github.com/JoomShaper/helix-ultimate/issues

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