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How to add missing translation

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Step #1. Open the "en-GB.mod_sp_weather.ini" file from "language/en-GB" directory using your favorite text editor.
Step #2. Add your missing string like
SP_WEATHER_THUNDER_IN_THE_VICI​NITY = "Thunder in the vicinity"

before "#Days" string,
Now save the file and reload your browser.


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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hello, I have seen a few threads about this and the resolution seems simple enough. I did update the language file with the following string:


before the "#Days" strings, in with the other weather conditions.

However on the site the module is still displaying "SP_WEATHER_LIGHT_RAIN_WINDY".

I re-verified with the server file that the change is updated.


Thanks so much!

Carlos Moreira

More than a month ago #Permalink
Dear colleagues,
I want to translate the English weather conditions into my own language at the Frontend: Portuguese (pt-PT).

I am newbie with this Joomla and this extension, so should I edit the "en-GB.mod_sp_weather.ini" , or should I add a whole new file called "pt-PT.mod_sp_weather.ini" ?

Can you please guide me here?
I have made language overrides but they don't work.

Thanks for your help.

PS - I also need to disable the useless chevron-up since there's nothing to expand and collapse in my case. How can I do that?

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