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How to ask question on forum (!)

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1) Read documentation, then search in forum topics.

2) Always update extenstion to the last version you can (download and re-install even if Joomla forgot to remind you. Clear your browser cache after every component/template update. Then ask if problem still exist.
3) New forum post should include: template / extension name, version, screenshot(s) and URL (if possible)
4) Please do not add 2nd post in this same topic until someone will answer you. You can edit first one.
5) After you get a good solution, please close topic with "Accept as Answer" button.

Note! In forum post do not add your license key, login/passwords or e-mail. Use PM instead. This is for your security.

(!) Please do some research before posting, use Google, Bing or ask hosting support. For example it could be server problem or your site was damaged by someone (2nd editor, hacker).

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Hello Paul, i have published the events-modul. But the same event is published twice (screenshot). Is it possible to change it?

thanks a lot Mirko

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
Please add your question in GOOD CATEGORY !

and don't forget to update used template, component and module - I remember that this issue was fixed.

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