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I have some major probelms with helixII / sportson

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Hey guys i cant seem to figure out how to fix my layout, please see the attached screenshot, its driving me nuts, ive tried eveyrthing its totally broken :(

also i cant get _any_ of the shortcodes to work inside customhtml modules or k2 articles, is there a way just to display an accordian or tab display in my content area somehow (apart from in joomla articles, i use k2 cuz it came preinstalled, only reason).

Thanks for ur support, i really appreciate it.
Kind Regards,

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3 Answers

Cameron James

More than a month ago #Permalink
It is a major headache for me, It also appears as tho this theme seems to have problems with z-index levels too, stuff thats on top, is nested to objects below the correct ordering?

I cant get a simple jquery popup menu to work, i tried like 5 so far, all have major conflicts, even running jquery in noconflict mode seems to make no difference. i cant see to have any addon that uses z-index around the top slider, for instance the top bar, drops a shadow, onto the layer below the one u see under it? its so confusing how can this be?

Also in k2 cat display mode theres weird modal buttons in the middle of the page?

I really would appreciate some help to fix this stuff, its making my life incredibly hard :(

Ive looked thru the stylesheet and im even more confused than when i started when i find stuff like this:

.row-fluid .span3 {
width: 25%;
.row-fluid .span4 {
width: 20%;

how can span3 = 25% wide and span4 = only 20% i dont understand :/ and how can u have this:

.responsive #sp-bottom1,
.responsive #sp-bottom2,
.responsive #sp-bottom3,
.responsive #sp-bottom4 {
width: 50%;
float: left;
margin-bottom: 40px;
4 colums all 50% would mean 200% of 100% is now used? im sooo lost. please helpp me out here, im losing my mind.

Cameron James

More than a month ago #Permalink
Here is another example of how the helix II shortcodes just dont work,... at all.. i mean... this is half finished? am i doing something wrong?

<p>[carousel id="AbtCarousel"] [carousel_item]<img alt="logo-txt" src="/images/logo-txt.png" />[caption]Powerful templates framework to develop Joomla base website faster![/caption][/carousel_item] [carousel_item]<img alt="fanspam logo" src="/images/fanspam_logo.png" />[caption]Powerful templates framework to develop Joomla base website faster![/caption][/carousel_item] [carousel_item]<img alt="fanspam logo" src="/images/fanspam_logo.png" />[caption]Powerful templates framework to develop Joomla base website faster![/caption][/carousel_item] [/carousel]</p>

Produces this:

nothing seems to work, in any of the shortcodes. Is there any plans to fix it? id rather just remove all this broken code personally if its not going to work, can someone please help me to remove it ?

Cameron James

More than a month ago #Permalink
i found the problem, the copy of bootstrap.min.css u ship with your helix, it says Bootstrap v2.3.2, but when i load it up and compare to offical copy of bootstrap, i can soon see what is goin on, so i replace this broken file with original and low and behold stuff started to work!!

man this is not good u kno i paid good money for this stuff like someone made it with eyes closed, so many mistakes, half finished, not impressed.

It take me hours to find these small "issues" cuz why??? someone forgot? i should have life membership free for this!!

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