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Icon addon hover options

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Nice to see hover options added to the icon addon - one thing I noticed, however is that it looks like the "hover style" should be dependant on the "hover options" being enabled?

array('use_hover', '=', 1)

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Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink

Please elaborate more details that you want to do exactly.


Simon Logan

More than a month ago #Permalink
To clarify, what I was meaning was that at present with new "hover" options even if you have "use hover" set to No the field which selects a type of hover is still shown in the Addon's popup in the admin area (and has a default value) and this effect is applied on the frontend of the addon. So even when USE HOVER is set to "no" the hover effect still occurs on the frontend.

My post was to say that I believe that the dependency should be added onto the end of that field in admin.php as shown in the code I posted, to first check if "use hover" has been set to YES or not? At present it doesn't seem to do that check so the hover effect is applied anyway.

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink

Thank you so much for your reply. Admin panel doesn't exist Hover option. But, you can achieve it using custom css class & write a small css.

Add a class inside the colum option

.hvc .sppb-icon i:hover {
color: #ff0000;


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