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Is Pagebuilder causing breadcrumbs to skip a level?

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I've been building with Joomla going on nine years now, but breadcrumbs remain something of a mystery. When they work, they're solid. When they don't, I pull my hair out.

I'm not sure if this is a Pagebuilder or a Joomla issue, but...

I have a site where if the user drills down in this sequence:

1. Top level menu item, a single page built with SP Pagebuilder, with a text-block addons
2. Link in the text block to a blog layout menu item
3. Read-more link in the blog intro article
4. Article

In the article, the breadcrumbs are missing the link to the top-level menu item. Clicking on the category blog layout link in the breadcrumbs brings the user to the right page, but the layout is all wrong.

The menu structure is exactly as I want it and it mirrors the category structure.

Offending sequence starts here:

Go resources > pastors column > Read more: Generous Discipleship

and then click on Pastors' Column in the breadcrumbs. URL will be:

instead of:

Thank you!

BTW, we have GeoIP blocking on this site, so if you are outside of the US or Europe, you might not be able to reach these links. Let me know where you're accessing from and I'll open the gate.

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Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

Thanks for your query. If you wanna breadcrumb on your articles details. Then you have to create a menu with category menu. If you can't please send me the Joomla administrator access and let me know the page name of page builder.


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