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JCE Editor "Code" tab. Jumping Cursor in SPPB content prevents inserting mid-sentence words.

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There is some sort of JCE Editor + SP Page Builder conflict occurring. ACTION: Editing the "Content" textarea, when using latest version of JCE Editor (!* Only when on the JCE Editor "CODE" tab *!) in SPPB, , when trying to edit in the middle of a sentence, if you hit the spacebar to prepare to insert a new word in the sentence, the cursor jumps to the very end of the content string. In other words, it appears you are forced to only have 1 space between characters, so when you try to place a new space (a 2nd space) to prepare to type a word, you cannot do it. I cannot replicate this issue when I am in the WYSIWYG tab, or when I am in a Joomla Article, and use the same JCE Editor in the CODE tab. This only happens in SPPB.

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
1) SPPB Pro 2.x is not supported anymore.
2) About JCE please contact its developer. We cannot help.
And make sure that you installed JCE 2.7.19.

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Tim Sheehy

More than a month ago #Permalink
We are using 3.6.3 SPPB (not why you appeared to assume we were using an older version).

I just purchased the Indigo template (about 2 weeks ago), downloaded the full starter package ( which included SPPB...I may have even upgraded SPPB once since installing the Indigo whole-site package ), and I am using the latest version of JCE Editor. I understand that you do not have anything to do with JCE editor. I have been using Joomla+JCE for about 15 years, so I am very familiar with both of these. However, you will please take notice that I mentioned that JCE Editor is buggy ONLY inside of SPPB. The issue I experience with JCE only happens when I am using it within SPPB. So it appears to be a javascript conflict, possibly, that only happens when on the JCE editor "CODE" tab, and trying to insert a word into the middle of an SPPB content window.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
We are using 3.6.3 SPPB (not why you appeared to assume we were using an older version).

Have you seen a forum category which you have chosen? I even put a screenshot as evidence in the first post (foto_3085_2019.jpg).
I don't have Joomshaper account on JCE so I cannot use their support forum, maybe you have and can you put a message.

Tim Sheehy

More than a month ago #Permalink
Yes, I see that now. I posted in the incorrect forum. My mistake does not dismiss the problem, which is an issue that Page Builder has with JCE Editor. Have not tested any other editors, but eventually your support staff will probably need to look into the problem, as I am certain more people will be experiencing and reporting it. For now, I will just try to work around the bug that is in your component.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
If I see 2.x - my anwers is always this same. For me, it's like Windows XP.
I think it would be a good idea to record a short video from the issue and talk with Ryan.

I saw that JCE 2.8RC is available maybe try that version too.

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