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joomla article: top and bottom padding

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I created a simple joomla article with a photo as a test. How can I eliminate all unnecessary top space for all articles (orange arrow)? Can the space under the article also be compacted?
I can't understand how I can help myself with firebug.
Can you help me with the custom css?

Greetings from Italy, Thanks again for your support

finatic article.jpg

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12 Answers

you are GREAT!

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
In custom CSS add below code, should help for top area

.view-article #sp-main-body {padding-top: 40px;}

Buona giornata
it doesn't work!!!! :(
that is, it works, even putting 0px, but it's too little

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
Can I see the site URL?

under construction, just started...

Can I see the site URL?

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
Thanks, this should help

.view-article .finatic-blog-details div[itemprop="articleBody"] {margin-top: 50px; }

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
I have to consider such a bike-packing trip, thanks ;)
the last one! :)

which custom css (even for a selected article only) should I use to fill the entire blue area of the div in a fluid way?
joomla article - finatic template


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Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
Each article in menu item has unique ID number-name so it's quite easy to add styles for the selected article.
For that number search in <body class=".............. itemid-201
Now the important part:

.itemid-201 #sp-main-body .container
{ max-width: 100%; }
That is, do I have to add that code with ID-number of my menu item in custom css of the template, each time for each item?

is it not possible to create a unique code in custom css of the template and in joomla "Menus: edit item => page display => page class" insert a class that calls the template custom css?


Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 weeks ago #Permalink
yes, of course

then instead ".itemid-201 " you should use that class name

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