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Just a few suggestions for templates and SPPB

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Just a few suggestions.

I've started to notice all the templates are very similar lately.

The last one, Melvin, is just another Hope, which is just another Rhino, Floox, Yoga, Strings, OneClip. Lightbox and Knight and almost the same as well, just with slightly different alignment. The only difference really is you've loaded different content in. They're all just a small logo on the left, and plain text menu on the right of the logo, all on top of a slideshow. What's below this in the body content area isn't that relevant anyway because it's rebuilt to suit the website's content, so it's mainly a unique header/footer design I look for.

The problem with this sort of cookie-cutter Wordpress theme design is I find most websites need more pages at top level than the 5-6 items max you can use in these. Also many don't have logos that work well in this format. Most clients logos are not short 6 letter words with maybe a tiny icon next to them all fitting nicely in landscape format. I find a lot of clients end up requesting the menu does not overlap a slideshow, it becomes hard to read for one. I'd like to see some more modern templates with more variety in their structure, perhaps a more unique menu design than just plain text. Like some of the old templates, there's a lot more variety going back a few years. But these don't have the same features so I try to use the latest templates.

Also in SP Page Builder, one thing I really miss is the ability to have a mouseover/hover on an image without doing it in css. I'd love an option where you could select a second image as a mouseover for images that have a link applied. Or even just an animation or change in opacity/colour.

Also SP Page Builder, having a custom image icon would be great. So I could create a button with an icon that isn't a built in icon.

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