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K2 Category Item list columns are not 2 columns layout

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Hello Support,

Please see the screenshot with the problem:

The red box shows the problem. All is in 2 column layout, then suddenly this strange layout is visible and after that again 2 columns layout is visible.
My settings for layout are the same:

I created a menu item with option "K2 category" and set the respective category.

When I change these settings to any other, e.g. leading and primary to 40/2 and the secondary and links to 0/0 - it's display changed to a complete strange view (like stairs).
When I change these settings to leading and primary 40/1 and secondary and links to 0/0 it's displayed all in one column and same size... but I need 2 columns layout.

I also don't understand the differences between leading, primary, secondary, links.
Where can I choose that maybe an article item is "primary" or "secondary" (I think leading is Featured?)?
I thought that leading, primary, secondary is made automatically if the "count for leading" is expired, e.g. Setting's count is "4" then 4 article items are leading, the 5th is then primary and so on?

Hope you can help :(
Thank you in advance for clarification and your help.

Best regards

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  • stair.png
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2 Answers


More than a month ago #Permalink
Unbelievable... I found the solution... My settings and my understanding were completely correct.
In my article items were some div's right before my "read more" break line and these div's destroyed the settings.
I recognized this after I checked a different order.

Anyway, thanks of let me thinking about it :)

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