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K2 close button in front-end editing doesn't work

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I did a fresh install of News365.

When I tried to edit a K2 item in Front-end, the close button of the K2 editing window doesn't work, i.e. it doesn't close the edit window.

I tried this solution found on the forum (as it seems others hhad the same pb) :

but it doesn't work.

I think it is due to a Jquery conflict with the News365 template but I am not able to find where (because when I set the default template back on Protostar, the close button of the K2 front-end editing works perfectly).

Could you please help ?

Edit :
Since last post, I noticed that I get indeed too many bugs with K2 front-end editing.
For example, thru front-end, if I edit an item created a year ago, when I save it, it will change by itself the date of creation (not only the date of modification) !
Once again, if I use Protostar template, the pbs are gone.
So I figure it has something to do with News365 (or Helix3) template, but I am unable to find what (and with the console inspector, I don't see any jquery errors) !
So I don't know what to do (and for now I have no other solution but to close front-end editing !).
If you could help, it would be much appreciated.

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