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Macro template several issues

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I'm facing several issues after quick start package installation, on a subfolder.

1st of all when trying to enable force https on entire site, i receive this error : HTTPS has not been enabled as it is not available on this server. HTTPS connection test failed with the following error: HTTPS version of the site returned an invalid HTTP status code.

But, actually i have https certificate on the server for my domain and on the root folder my primary joomla site has this option enabled and it is accessible via https.

The above error was not present before the bellow 2nd issue.

2nd after updating the site to joomla 3.7.2 as well as template version, sp page bulider etc i receive the following error on the front end :

Error 1054

Unknown column '' in 'field list'.

After some searching on your site i figure out that the error is coming from the sp simple portfolio and indeed i cannot access the component on the back end. It give me the error :

Unknown column 'a.published' in 'where clause'
Unknown column 'a.published' in 'where clause'

P.S. This is not the first time trying to install joomla in a subfolder or root folder for testing purposes.

Please this is urgent. Thanks in advance.

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