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Mobile Template - Language Switcher

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I was wondering if I missed something in the back end. I would love to have certain options on the mobile version that we don't put on the pc version. Having that said,

The main menu bar is acting really odd. I will only display one Menu, so when the Language Switcher is applied, it opens a new menu selection above the main menu bar.

Site is live, please visit and send me your opinions.


thank you!

4 Answers

Alex Smirnov

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Remy,

We don't provide support with how to set working on our templates sites for multiple languages, as such configuration hinges fully on your Joomla and is independent of your template.

My friendly advise would be to make a step back and install a test Joomla web-site without demo content to play with creating one category for English, another - for French language, each with, lets say, three test articles. Then play with creating your minimalist site navigation for each language, until it pans out completely as you expect it to. Then get back to your main site and either recreate it from scratch, or make necessary adjustments.



Remy Chercuitte

More than a month ago #Permalink

Basically your templates are not configured to have Language switchers. This is a huge problem for me. The reason I use Joomla is because I'm not a programmer, I can't do your friendly advise. If I can't utilize your product, I need to find one that works, so I need a refund. I'd love to try what you said to do, but again, basic template dressing and article production is my extent of knowledge, breaking into the .css and making demo sites.... I can't do that nor do I have the time to do it.

Is there a better way to deal with this?

Thank you.

Alex Smirnov

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Remy,
Remy Chercuitte wrote: ... Basically your templates are not configured to have Language switchers ...
I am not sure what you meant by "configured". Every template is just a layout layer for your web-site, which positions your web-site content assets on its front end out of the box in a certain order, or, if you explicitly changed that order - according to the order you set. Your template, from us or otherwise, doesn't switch languages, as this happens on the layer of the Joomla system, provided you did your job and configured your Joomla to work with multiple languages.

Having said that, Joomla templates can indeed display Joomla's native "Language Switcher" module in one of its module positions, assigned by you, as it would display any other Joomla or 3-rd party component module but, as I said above, for the language switch itself to occur, you Joomla system has to be properly configured to work with multiple languages. It's that simple and there is nothing you or us can do about it. This is just the way Joomla CMS works.



Remy Chercuitte

More than a month ago #Permalink
So with what you said in mind, our site had a previous template that worked perfectly with the language switcher. We installed your template and it's just not working. The major issue is the Menu module only wants to connect to 1 menu item, instead of swapping according to the language selected.

That's why I saw your template as the culprit for the issue I am having.

Let me know.


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