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Open Graph issue on LinkedIn

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I recently copied an existing page (Page 1) within SP Page Builder and modified it to create a new page (Page 2) on my website. See attached the updated Open Graph information for the new page (Page 2).

When I then copy the page URL ( to a new Facebook post it correctly displays the right information (see attachment Facebook post.png).

However, when I copy the page URL ( to a new LinkedIn post it incorrectly still displays the information from the original page (Page 1) (see attachment LinkedIn post.png).

Can you please advise on how I might resolve this issue?


Attachments (3)

  • Open Graph settings.png
    Open Graph settings.png 81.8 KB
  • Facebook post.png
    Facebook post.png 85.2 KB
  • LinkedIn post.png
    LinkedIn post.png 140.2 KB

5 Answers

Peter Hay

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Paul

I had another recurrence of this issue this morning and after some further research came across this article which helped me to resolve the problem...

Looks liked LinkedIn cache needed clearing and by using their Post Inspector tool ( and pasting my URL into that LinkedIn then reads in updated Open Graph settings and everything then gets displayed correctly :-)

Sharing as may help others who face this issue.


Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Peter,
and have you changed the content of Open Graph in 2nd page?

Just check the front-end source code to see what image and text is used.


We do not have control of what users add and what LinkedIn or FB read.
In theory, it should be a simple relation if there is 1 - social network should read 1.

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    code.jpg 159.2 KB

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Peter, thanks a lot.
It's very useful information.

Now I know why so many users are "angry" but it's not our fault.

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