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Pagebuilder content in sp simple portfolio or sp portfolio

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Hallo I figured out a workaround for this issue.
It works for the sp portfolio module und for sp simple portfolio.

For those who dont' know the difference.
sp portfolio is a module which gets its content from joomla articles
sp simple portolio is a component with items in the component and it has a module but that is at that time not important.

So we start with Sp simple portfolio:

1.First of all create in sp simple portfolio 2 or 3 items
2. Then go to Joomla Menu make a new Menu Item for e.g. "portfolio" -> Menu Item Type choose Simple Portfolio
-> portfolio items
3. If you go to the frontend the portfolio ist displayed

4. NOW the important thing go to Regularlabs an download modules anywhere
install it

5. create a under Modules a Pagebuilder module for e.g. portfolioItem1 -> fill it with rows addon as you know it.
6. close an keep the module id in mind for e. g. 133
7. go to sp simple portfolio item an write there {module 133} - thats all when you go now to the frontpage the pagebuilder content is displayed in your portfolio item.

Sp portfolio:
As you can imagine it is nearly the same
First create a category and ander the category 2 or three articles.
1. activate the module chooe the category -> put it on a joomla page in a position or implement the portfolio via ip.
2. Menu Item Portfolio -> joomla article - > here implement the portfolios ID for e.g. {module 120}
3. Then go to a article of the category implement the id of the Pagebuilder module you created before for e. g. { module 133}
4. go to the frontend - tadaaa the pagebuilder content ist displayed.

I hope the helps - I was trying the whole day to figure this out.

Best Regards Jörg

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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Jorg - will try all this as I'm loading SP portfolio items but images aren't displaying ( they were displaying before I updated PageBuilder to 3.0.3 though ).

But will see if this works for me. ( thanks for posting btw )



More than a month ago #Permalink
Hallo Paul,
It is necessary that sp portfolio and pagebuilder works seperatly. After that you can start.

Best regards Jörg

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