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Practical ACL for clients editing their sites

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I have adopted SP Page Builder as a preferred tool for small client websites and have a high respect for what you have created. But, alas there is a problem, it looks like the ACL implementation is an all or nothing switch. Users can either edit, delete and add through page builder or not depending on the ACL settings.
I would have expected the create/delete option to actually control the ability to create or delete current page builder addon’s, leaving such a user to be able to edit the current item but not delete it, or be able to create more page addons.
The use case must be a requirement for many webmasters who use your tools to create client websites. We use the tools to create a website, our skill selecting what addons to add and where to put them, but our clients want to be able to change the text and pictures. So, having an ACL way of restricting a user to only edit the current page addons is vital to ensuring they do not get carried away and delete their page or add some new random addon. I also think that an editing user should not be able to add a new row or delete a row.
What I am asking is that the ACL create/delete option be used to control the ability to create new page addons or delete current page addons, let edit feature enable a user to edit the contents of an addon.
I appreciate that you at least have ACL implemented, the Joomlaart JA Pagebuilder requires users to be a SuperUser to make changes, but they have a plan to include ACL and when they do it is supposed to disable editing-users from setting padding and other formatting options leaving only text/heading and image editing. It seems to me that would be ideal for the webmaster /client user of your tool.
So please consider my request for future updates and try to give it some priority so you remain competitive in this segment. I want SP Page Builder to have a long and happy life.

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