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Problem styling J2Store Categories module under Helix3 template

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We developed our site using Helix3 template together with SPPB. We also use J2Store extension.

We noticed that you also use this extension in your Shopin template.

We had several styling problems with J2Store but until this one we were able to solve them. However now this is beyond our powers:

We use J2Store Categories module for displaying the sub categories of different products categories. The problem we have is that the columns have not the same width. The columns' widths depend on the category picture size (its width actually) and the length of the categories' name.

In other words, if the category's name is short the column width is that one of the picture. The picture is not resized so the colum should have the same width with the others.

If the category name is long and consists of several words, these words do not wrap so there is just a long line. Because of this the picture is resized and the column gets very wide.

Please have a look here: (a page built with SPPB) or here: (a "normal" Joomla page which is loading the module with loadmodule).

We created a class in custom.css and tried to use "table-layout: fixed;" and/or "word-wrap:break-word;" or "word-break:break-word;" but we had no chance. We have tried using "!important;" but this didn't help either. For testing purposes we added a red border through the class and this is working.

The module works correctly, we saw it on J2Store demo site. We even "extended" the name of a category (we "inspected" the page with Chrome and altered the name of the category) and the words wrapped so the width of the column didn't change. Please have a look at the attached file.

Bottom line: please have a look at this and tell us what are we doing wrong and what/where should we change.

Thank you so much,


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Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

Thanks for your query. Sorry to say that, we don't provide the customization support.


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