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Problem with the politist template: black list of words in Russian. Lost the menu in mobile version

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I have a politist template. I have problems.

I can not create a menu and category with the word Insecticides (in Russian). Instead, an empty field, and the word disappears. The word Insecticides (in Russian) is not written and disappears in Joomla 3.8.5 and Joomla 3.9.1. Updating components and extensions does not help. I put instead of the Russian letter "И" Latin letter "U". Turned "Uнсектициды" ("Unsecticides";). But it's bad. My client is unhappy


I updated Joomla 3.9.1. Problem. The menu and logo disappeared in the mobile version of the site.

Help me fix this.

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More than a month ago #Permalink
Please help urgently! Templates Politist and Shopin on SP Builder Pro do not work!

A big problem and it is impossible to use paid templates!!! In paid templates Politist and Shopin when writing words in Russian using the letter "И" capital (for example, the word Инсектициды, ВНИИ etc.) unfortunately. You can not create a menu with such words and letters, you can not use the page SP Builder!!! You can't even create a blog post!!! It is impossible to create the text for the blog!!! that's bad! Help!
Look, for the free template Helix3 all turns out! But not on a paid template Politist and Shopin

Большая проблема и невозможно использовать платные шаблоны!!! В платных шаблонах Politist и Shopin при написании слов на русском языке с использованием буквы "И" заглавной (например, слова Инсектициды, ВНИИ и т.д.) к сожалению. Нельзя создать меню с такими словами и буквой, нельзя использовать страницу SP Builder!!! Невозможно даже создать текст для блога!!!
Посмотрите, ведь на бесплатном шаблоне Helix3 все работает, все получается! Но не на платном шаблоне Politist и Shopin
Прошу помощи срочно! Шаблоны Politist и Shopin на SP Builder Pro не работают!

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