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problems after upgrading to pagebuilder 3x from 1x

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I have two issues
1) after upgrading, the tabs that had been setup do no display the repeatable items, but they are visible on the website.
2) the accordion text does not get displayed on the back end, although it shows up on the website.

I've written before regarding the tabs, but the suggested resolutions did not provide resolution.

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
1) Is those addons have been overridden inside the template folder?

if yes, who is "lucky" developer of them and your template ?

2) Can you create a new "Page" and add those addons again and check behavior ?
Can you provide instruction on how to check for the override?
When creating a new page the actual photos code is displayed.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
Look again at my point No1

You mean that only in "old" Pages you have problems not with new ones?
Please record a video with issue.
Hello, please see the attached screen shot. screen-1.png shows the sections that are not hiding. The buttons on the top of the image, "under 5 years", "6-9 years", when hovering/clicking on them, they should toggle the bottom sections to display or disappear. Only the currently active section below should display, and not all of them as is the case currently.

On screen 2, you will see the 4 sections as displayed on admin side. and screen-3.png shows that those repeatable sections that you see on the website / screen-1.png are not displaying on the admin side.

This all worked with your pbpagebuilder version 1x application.

Please advise.
thank you,

Attachments (3)

  • screen-1.png
    screen-1.png 419.1 KB
  • screen-2.png
    screen-2.png 78.3 KB
  • screen-3.png
    screen-3.png 87.8 KB
also, the site in question can be found at

the URL to the page is

you can observe the behaviour described on this page.

thank you,

Paul Frankowski - Staff

4 days ago #Permalink
I guess. I know what happened.
SPPB 1.x was designed in different way if we talk about all kinds of accordion and tabs.
In SPPB 3 we allows our users to add addons (also text addon) inside tabs or accordion items.
And because your content was created before that change SPPB goes crazy.

Sorry, but probably you have to add new items again. using blue button "add item" .

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