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Problems with Joomla Article Integration

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I am using SP Pagebuilder 3 with Helix 3 template and Joomla 3.8.10 installation. There are two problems I'm having with Joomla Article integration.
Problem 1: I need to show 2 locations for company using a google map plugin that shows google map in article. When I insert the articles into page row, the title shows correctly, but only the code for the google map appears, instead of the map itself. This can be seen here: Site Home Page
Problem 2: This also appeared when I enabled the Joomla Article integration and using the google map plugin. If I access the article from the menu, the map appears correctly, but the article is shown all the way to the left side of the screen, with no margins or padding, and I would like to know where to adjust this setting. I would prefer to have the articles centered in this scenario. The problem can be seen here:
Article Alignment Problem

I would appreciate any help to resolve these issues. Thanks,


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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hello Rob, unfortunately content plugins are not rendered inside SP PageBuilder pages. That's why you see the plain syntax.

There are different workarounds:

- Use SP PageBuilder's Google Map AddOn.
- Use Joomla Module AddOn. Create a Joomla custom HTML module and place your syntax inside it. Enable "Prepare Content" option in module parameters. Select those modules in the Joomla module AddOn.
- Use Joomla Module AddOn and place a 3rd-party GMap module.
- Create a Text addon override, which calls the content_prepare function (replaces your plugin syntax by the actual map content)

FYI – Related topic and feature request is here:

Problem 2
Not sure about your setup... Is it a page with article integration and your plugin syntax?
Please, check the Row settings. Is "Fluid Row" parameter activated?

pulsar informatique

More than a month ago #Permalink
Do you plan to render content plugins inside SP Page Buidler please ? It ruins the whole joomla plugins philosopy


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