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Property modul is giving me an error

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I am using the Empire template installed with Quickstart and by clicking on property, hence opening the sp-property page I am getting the following error: :(

Column 'language' in where clause is ambiguous SQL=SELECT a.*,`b`.`title` AS `category_name` FROM `#__spproperty_properties` AS `a` LEFT JOIN `#__spproperty_categories` AS `b` ON (`a`.`spproperty_category_id` = `b`.`spproperty_category_id`) WHERE `a`.`enabled` = '1' AND (`language` LIKE '%de-DE%') ORDER BY `a`.`ordering` DESC LIMIT 0, 6

Actually I have several languages installed and I am using PHP 7.1.0, what's the problem here? Please solve it, because the pages with properties and Featured properties on the main page are just working fine.

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