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Question about template decora

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I have a problem on my Decorate template:
I want to copy a row that I have to transfer to another page of the site.
As in img 1 I select the "save row" button and apply the title (img 2) then click.
Once I open the landing page, how do I find the saved row?
I await a reply. Thanks

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  • img1-Row-Le fonti di energia 2020-05-11 125521.jpg
    img1-Row-Le fonti di energia 2020-05-11 125521.jpg 114.1 KB
  • img2-Salvo row con nome 2020-05-11 125903.jpg
    img2-Salvo row con nome 2020-05-11 125903.jpg 29.2 KB

12 Answers

Rashida Rahman - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
From backend you may get the option from here:

And from frontend editing view the option is as follows:

Best Regards


More than a month ago #Permalink
I thank you for the quick reply. I found the folder where I had saved my "rows". OK.

I have a similar problem for some pages that I don't find as in the photo:
* A - the link with which I see this page is:
index.php? option = com_spsimpleportfolio & view = item & id = 9: messana-o-Rorke-goes-minimalist & Itemid = 180
* B - is the blog page that I find published in the menu;
* C - this is information relating to page ID = 135;
* D - are the info under the menu item (Blog Category) and the category (Decorate);
* E - are the blog categories whose page IDs are 11;
* F - are the blog categories where page IDs are 6.

Provided that the 2 pages ID = 135 and ID = 180 were not built with SP Page Builder and that I cannot find them neither
with SP Simple Portfolio, nor with SP Easy Image Gallery, can you kindly indicate the path to modify them?
Thanks and good job.

Attachments (5)

  • A - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg
    A - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg 302.5 KB
  • B - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg
    B - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg 243.7 KB
  • C- 2020-05-12 092902.jpg
    C- 2020-05-12 092902.jpg 198.2 KB
  • D - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg
    D - 2020-05-12 092902.jpg 134.4 KB
  • E - 2020-05-12 102610.jpg
    E - 2020-05-12 102610.jpg 230.7 KB


More than a month ago #Permalink
Message follows

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  • F- 2020-05-12 102950.jpg
    F- 2020-05-12 102950.jpg 153.2 KB


More than a month ago #Permalink

I await a reply. Thanks

Rashida Rahman - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Really very sorry for the unwanted delay!
The category blog page comes from the Joomla core, and it shows the articles of a specific category.
If you need some customization to that page, you may use custom CSS for that.
You can create/use your own category, then create items and assign categories to them, you may show them with the help of menu item of that specific category.
This is applicable for both category page and simple portfolio page.

Best Regards


More than a month ago #Permalink
from 25 May to today, frankly I expected a less theoretical and more practical answer!
I'm an inexperienced user and I don't know how CSS files are scrolled.

I remind you what was the initial problem, with the img that I sent at the time:
“I want to modify the internal pages of the INTERIOR FIRME menu (home v2) referred to in
* 10- img ..... In the upper part, I read that it was created with SP Page Builder but ID = 151 does not match because, in this archive another page is saved.
* 11- img -...... Scrolling this page I find, among others the Link Messana O'Rorke Goes Minimalist, clicking, opens the page referred to * 12- img- ...... where in the part, high I read that the page with ID = 127 should be in SP Simple Portfolio. On the same page, further down (13 img -....) I find the other buildings.
QUESTION: to be able to edit this page, please tell me what is the path I have to follow "?

Also, kindly, can you tell me how I can customize the BLOG (similar problem) on my Decorate template, in a practical way perhaps with the help of screenshots?


More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi I tried, again, to analyze your answer of July 2nd, to my question of May 25th, which I find "disconcerting" and also "offensive of my intelligence" and I'll explain why:
- Unlike Mr. Paul Frankowski who, as a law graduate, joomla enthusiast, is a joomshaper technician, I am a Building technician and I bought the Decorate Template because he is not specialized in computer science;
- When I put the problem on the template, Decora I sent as many as 20 images to accompany my question (for me, each image is worth a thousand words);
- For my "forma mentis", I think, everything that is accomplished by the "human being on this world" has an explanation.
Well, I asked you to open the page with ID = 127 (IMG D - ID = 127… 174615.jpg) which, on the public side, comes from the link of the page ID = 151, the latter created on the template Decora via SP Page Builder.
The page with ID = 127, which among other things, contains images, addons and various writings, certainly was not created by the "Blessed Virgin" but is part of the Decora template and is read with this.

Everything related to the "Joomla core"?

I expect a concrete answer to my question.

Rashida Rahman - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Your initial query was about finding the saved rows, and I have answered that at the very first reply.

However, to give concrete answers to your later queries I need your site URL at least and mention of the changes you want to reflect on your site so that I can provide you some CSS suggestion.

The later reply was theoretical because those layout changes require code level editing, but customization support is prohibited here.

Only the changes require very few amounts of CSS code can be provided!

So, it would be so kind of you if you provide me your site URL and redirection to what you want to change!
Basic changes like color change of an element etc. and one change request at a time appreciated.

Best Regards


More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi, I have seen your request. I checked the chat and found that too many messages are missing, perhaps
because it's been a long time. This way it is difficult to understand my question too.

As your colleague Toufiq also knows, the site with the Decora template, I'm trying it on localhost to avoid
online problems.
The information about the link of the shared folder and the credentials I sent 2 times to Mr. Paul Frankowski

To simplify, I send you new IMGs to accompany my exposure of the problem on my Decora template.

Given that I have edited all the pages created with SP PAGE Builder.
Now I try to clear up my problem with the Decora template.

When I open the page with ID = 151 (Home 2v - Interior Firm) and click on the Fleur Condons link, a
page (IMG "A1";) which also includes other photos, other addons etc. as seen by scrolling the page
(and in the IMGs "A2", "A3", "A4" and "A5";).
If I want to edit the Joomla Module (Our Projects) in my template which contains the aforementioned addons,
I find impediment for any operation. I can't find the links for the changes and I have "access denied"
to open the relevant pages.

Why, if it is part of the Decora template?

To be clearer: I want to know what I need to do to edit the page referred to in photos A1, A2, A3, A4, A5.

Below I communicate the link to the akeeba backup file

If you have problems with akeeba backup, I will inform you of the following link
where the site folder + dB.

Credentials, you can find them in your personal area.

Waiting for news,

Attachments (5)

  • A1-2020-07-07 114106.png
    A1-2020-07-07 114106.png 762.2 KB
  • A2-2020-07-07 114106.png
    A2-2020-07-07 114106.png 113.8 KB
  • A3-2020-07-07 114106.png
    A3-2020-07-07 114106.png 451.8 KB
  • A4-2020-07-07 114106.png
    A4-2020-07-07 114106.png 99.7 KB
  • A5-2020-07-07 114106.png
    A5-2020-07-07 114106.png 95.4 KB
Hi, we are at 20 July. I have asked for instructions on my Decora template since early May: is it so difficult to answer?
Hello, I remind you that, since the beginning of last May, I have reported a problem (also accompanied by numerous photographic documentation) on my Decora template, and, until now, I have not received any response in this regard, excluding the apologies (Mr. Rashida Rahman) of 2 July 2020 for the delay.
I understand the difficulties caused by COVID-19 and some possible delay, however there is no trace of emergency on your website.
Kindly, you can answer me. Thank you.

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