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Shaper University Template

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Great new template with the exception of any documentation.

In the demo you use the "maintop" and "mainbottom" position to display some text and a wide image. Please explain how you did that.

A little documentation would go a long way so we can build without having to contact you guys. Also there is no University category yet in the forums so I placed in in the General Category.

Thank you for your support.

7 Answers

Sohan - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Dear Jeremy
We create those position from layout builder. And the documentation will release very soon.

Peter Walker

More than a month ago #Permalink
Great I am at the same point - when adding new menu items.....need to create the same effect and due to lack of documentation, cant be done!! - When will we know the answer please.

Kawshar Ahmed - Senior Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi, we are working on the documentation and it will be available soon. Well, have you installed quickstart pack? Its really very easy to start with the quickstart pack.

Peter Walker

More than a month ago #Permalink
seems that there is still some work to do - the module class are kinda strange or brought over from another template. Example. Red is for grey module, blue is for red, dark is for green etc......totally not making sense. I hope the documentation will also address these issues.

thank you. am sorting it out as I go along but a little disappointed about the delays and seemingly simple errors.


Kawshar Ahmed - Senior Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi, thanks for the cooperation. Right now we are in vacation and we will be back in 21st October. Then we will release a fix with highest priority.

Peter Walker

More than a month ago #Permalink

As there is no UNIVERSIY section to the forum yet, I will tag this post in this conversation.

I need some help to resolve this issue and I have been told its to do with the template.

To edit articles in front end, the INTRO IMAGE is not functioning correctly. I will add 2 pictures to display the problem. (One picture is showing the current problem and the other picture showing what should be there.) At the moment I cannot add any images to intro image as the function is not working.

Please assist me urgently.

thank you

Attachments (2)

  • Truth Within 2013-10-21 17-34-49.png
    Truth Within 2013-10-21 17-34-49.png 14.6 KB
  • Truth Within - Administration - Article Manager- Edit Article 2013-10-21 17-37-01.png
    Truth Within - Administration - Article Manager- Edit Article 2013-10-21 17-37-01.png 5.6 KB

Ehsan Riyadh

More than a month ago #Permalink
We need work for joomla front-end submission. We will fixed it as soon as possible, hope this week. Thanks for pointing the issue.


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