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Show Joomla Category Blog format using Page Builder articles

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Hey Al Mamun,

I was asked to create a separate post about this request, so here it is with the details:

We would like to use the Page Builder to create an article with a Read More element in it so that it behaves as a standard Joomla article does.

Currently, to make Page Builder work this way, we have to put Introtext in the "regular editor" for the article, then create the Page Builder article to contain the rest of the after-read-more when clicked through if we want to use the menu type in Joomla of Category Blog.

This is complicated to explain the process of to a non-technical end-user, who is our client after we develop a site. WE understand how to do this on the design and technical end. The issue is that we have made it a policy to tell our customers that they should ONLY use the Page Builder editor to edit their articles, but now, for any articles that would need to appear on a category blog page, the process they have to use is this:

  • Edit the introtext in the article with the standard Joomla Editor
  • Edit the Full text in the article in the Page Builder Editor
  • Save the article WHILE in the Page Builder editor
  • If you ever have to edit the intro text, you have to open the article, switch to the standard editor, make the changes, switch back to the Page Builder Editor before saving and then save the article, check the front end and repeat the process.

Currently, if there is nothing entered for the standard editor in an article that should appear on a Category Blog page (or the home page with Featured articles), then the article doesn't show up. This is the opposite of articles that are NOT in category blog mode, where if there is content on the standard editor, when the article is saved with the Page Builder tab selected, the standard editor content is never shown on the front end and if saved on the standard editor tab, the content of the Page Builder is never shown on the front end.

(This is actually a decent "feature" for allowing us to use "editor-xtd" buttons where needed - which can only be used on non-Pagebuilder pages - Fixing that is a different request so that the editor-xtd plugins could be accessed from within the Page Builder).

Instead, we'd like the workflow to be more standard:

  • Edit the article using the Page Builder
  • Use a component to insert the "read more" line as would be standard for a site with no page builder on it
  • Save the article in the Page Builder and have it work correctly on the front end.

Can you see how this would be very beneficial for end-users to have less confusion? This would also be much more standard for anyone coming from a non-pagebuilder site or a non-Joomla site.

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More than a month ago #Permalink
I agree, i am in need for this function too. Now i use the same work around.:(

Scott Lavelle

More than a month ago #Permalink
Do you have any update on this request?

Scott Lavelle

More than a month ago #Permalink
@Al Mamun - Another follow-up. Any update for me? Have you looked into this possibility at all? Do you understand what is being asked for and why?

Al Mamun - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Not right now, I added to list and decide later and let you know.


Scott Lavelle

More than a month ago #Permalink
@Al Mamun - when you say "I added to list and decide later" - are you saying that you will add this to a feature list addition? Any idea what "decide later" means?

I ask this way as we have to constantly decide and modify on our end what components we will continue to use and which ones we will replace. So far, of all of the requests that I've made to additions, changes, support, etc, it seems that I get the "we'll think about it" or "no, we are not doing that" kinds of answers, which makes me lean towards the "replace" part of the decision.

I see a lot of updates and movement to your component and appreciate that and understand that features have to be addressed on popularity, requests, your own internal development map, etc, but I also hope that you will consider that many of the things that I have asked about are core Joomla features that we would like to see make it into Page Builder.

Al Mamun - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
@Scott Lavelle,

We have feature list trello board I added to that board and we will decide when this list number will come. You know there are many request and we always respect all user's request also appreciate for that. Because if you don't suggest anything or request anything Page Builder can't grow up with maturity.


[email protected]

More than a month ago #Permalink
I'm looking for the same feature!

Glad I found this article, I wasn't aware of the workaround. I've been using JSN Page Builder and SP Page Builder on the same site to have the article read more feature, unfortunately JSNPB and SPPB are not playing well together anymore.

I really hope there is a decision made on this soon. I agree with Scott, this is not user friendly at all for clients.


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