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Site scrolls / bounces on its own after load

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Not sure if it is intentional or a bug but after the site loads, the template scrolls to the bottom of the slider then back up to the top every few seconds. How do we disable that and prevent it from happening?

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
hmm. On which browser you have seen it?
I checked on Firefox, Chrome, Brave, IE11 and NONE SIGN of it.

Please check from 2nd laptop + with clean browser.

Toufiq - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Hi there,

I checked also and grabbed the screencast video.

When I found the root cause, I disabled the slider so that it didn't happen while I was doing a demo of the site. I have turned the slider back on and the issue is happening. We are finding it on every browser, including those in private mode.

The scroll is happening on its own or when the arrow is clicked to switch from slide to slide.

This screen capture shows the issue taking place on Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit):

I should note that every slide has the same issue and we have tried multiple photos, duplicating slides, and using the original demo media and still have the same problem.

Toufiq - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Hi there, Could you send me the Joomla administrator access via pm? Thanks

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