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Some valuable improvements for Gallery Add on

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This is a suggestion to get a better more useful gallery add on.

On the adding images thumbnail and Full image item section:

If no image is set at thumbnail the system should generate a thumbnail based on the Full image.
Having to select both images is doubling work for most of the cases in daily work, I understand in some cases is a nice option, but let's be realistic, most users will never put a thumb different from its full image, so why do the double work?

Why add items one by one when we have a full set of images already uploaded:

It should be possible to select many pictures at the same time from the already uploaded ones so I don’t need to click ten ten times +Add item button for each picture

This would reduce a long time process in a matter of 5 to ten clicks.

I encourage you to take a look on how the gallery system of Stackideas Easy Blog works.

They solved the usability matter very well and is very fast and productive to manage galleries there. Sure there might be many similar or better systems than Easyblog, i just mention this because is the one I know.

Classify images by name folders, not only date folders:

Your image upload is classifying the images into a set of date_named folders. This is not bad, but it would be far more usable if we could generate our own folder names and organize images that way (again as EasyBlog does).

I wish you take this ideas in the good sense, your Page Builder component is really great and I plan to get a lot of advantage of it. My suggestions only one to make it even better.

There is an attached image to complement my written suggestions.

Best regards

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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hello there,

Thanks for your great suggestion. We will try to add this options.

Best Regards.

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