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Sort doesn't work in SP_strings components

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I can't use sort functions - Ascending, Descending - within all of the 3 sp_strings component elements: events, artists, albums (see screenshot 'SP_strings elements - no_events_sort.jpg').

Important for my site is the sort of events. Sorting doesn't work neither in the Upcoming module nor in the ALL EVENTS section (see screenshot 'Upcoming - no_events_sort.jpg').
I've installed the quickstart version on my internet domain and modified some details. After I've noticed that bug I deleted everything. Then I reinstalled quickstart from the scratch: no sorting possible!
Then I installed the sp_strings_quickstart local on my PC (WAMP) => same result - no sorting possible!
A few days ago I updated Your template to version 1.1 (com_spstrings_v1.1) => no sorting possible!

I've added my system information (see screenshot 'System Information.jpg'). By the way, all Folder Permissions are green.
Please help.

Kind regards

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  • System Information.jpg
    System Information.jpg 91.8 KB
  • SP_strings elements - no_events_sort.jpg
    SP_strings elements - no_events_sort.jpg 111.9 KB
  • Upcoming - no_events_sort.jpg
    Upcoming - no_events_sort.jpg 269.8 KB

4 Answers

Rifat Wahid Alif - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
I have checked in my localhost with the latest version of strings, frontend sorting is working.

For the backend sorting please replace the attached file in the following location: /administrator/components/com_spstrings/models/event.php

- Thanks

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Ulf Lohberg

More than a month ago #Permalink
Dear Rifat,

thanks for Your fast reply and Your competent help, especially the new events.php. Competent as alway - thx!

I've copied the events.php to Your given loacation.
Clicking on the Event Button left side in the SP Strings compnent shows the following error:

An error has occurred.
1064 Erreur de syntaxe près de 'ASC LIMIT 0, 20' à la ligne 3

Why it's in French I don't know. Joomla has been installed in English + German.

I replaced the new events.php with the old one.
Afterwards I followed Your suggestion and tried the sort in frontend publishing: No sort of 'Ascending' or 'Descending' events. 'Upcoming' and 'Latest' are working. 'featured' - I don't know how to mark an event as 'featured'.
Same bad results in the 'Upcoming' module.

In my local installation of the untouched quickstart data I do have the same promblems - even with frontend publishing. See attached screenshots.

I suspect, if backend sort works then frontend sort will work as well ;=)
Would it be of help if I PM You my access data for the life site?

Thanks in advance,

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  • Sort upcoming.jpg
    Sort upcoming.jpg 135.6 KB
  • Sort descending.jpg
    Sort descending.jpg 120.2 KB

Rifat Wahid Alif - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
In the addon backend, you will get 5 sorting options:

1. Upcoming (upcoming events from next day as ascending).
2. Latest (latest events from the previous day as descending).
3. Featured (only featured events as descending).
4. Ascending (show events as backend order ascending).
5. Descending (show events as backend order descending).

if it's not working perfectly then pm me your admin access.

- Thanks

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