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Sorting of images inside an album

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I've tried your gallery in order to get an easy image gallery for displaying images via the module inside articles.

However how SP Easy Image Gallery sorts the images is a complete nightmare / desaster:

so far I've found no way to easily sort the images inside an album besides drag and drop.

However sorting images via drag and drop is very much time consuming if you have 20, 30 or even more images in the album.
The images are sorted via the ID and not via the name (descending or ascending) how it should be (or it least there should be the possibility for name sorting).
Also on the frontend they are sorted via the upload id.

If you have 40 images inside an album sorting these is ridiculously time consuming since one has to drag and drop every(!) image (and if you have named the images xxx_01.jpg, xxx_02.jpg, xxx_03.jpg number one image is at the bottom and has to be dragged up to the top and so on - because there is no possibiltiy to sort the images like in all other image galleries like phoca gallery, joomgallery...)

I know the SP Easy Image Gallery should be something "easy" in contrast to the big image galleries for Joomla, however image sorting should is something absolutely essential.

Have I overseen a possibility to sort the images, I couldn't find it wether in the component nor in the module?

Thanks for your help,

PS: your upload bug with duplicating images still exists (if you upload more than 20 images)

2 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
I fully agree with you.
I asked our developer again for update.
Thanks for your fast answer!
I would really like to use the component however some basics are really missing.

One more design fault:
if you want to create an album you have to have a featured image.

Why is that so? In every image gallery you create the album, upload the images and THEN pick an image or thumb of the uploaded images for the featured image.

With SP Easy Image Gallery you first have to upload an image on your webspace otherwise it is not possible to upload the album images because the album can't be saved.
This way the normal work flow is completely turned around.

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