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SP Page Builder Connection Issue

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Hello, I am trying to work on this somewhere else and I cannot edit addons, sections, etc. When I try and open the Sections the spinning wheel just goes around. The same for saving after I opened it and nothing happens.

How much of this is connected to your servers? I see on the computer that works in my browser network tab your site is loading resources from your site in my admin area.

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Dave,
but I suppose that all was OK around a week ago.
What happened in the meantime?

1) Reinstall SPPB
2) Try from a different browser
3) Edit from back-end as well

Dave Bishop

More than a month ago #Permalink
I will try and explain it again.

It works now on one computer at one location, not on 2 others at another location. It has nothing to do with it used to work before. It works now but not everywhere.

The computer that works:
Firefox and Chrome both work. I can see remote content when clicking on "New Section"

The computer that doesn't work:
Chrome and Edge both cannot edit anything, frontend or backend or see "New Section" items when clicking on that. Also if I try and open a row or addon or anything in the module or Joomla article they disappear and I cannot click on save or save and close. Only the close button works. The other 2 buttons, save and save and close do nothing. I have to close the module or article and open it again to see the rows and things that are in there.

Additionally, I tried a second computer at the same location and it does not work.

Dave Bishop

More than a month ago #Permalink
OK, I found that the user having issues was an Administrator not Super Admin and it was a permissions issue. In case anyone else has this issue that is the solution.

Sorry for the hassle but maybe it will help someone else someday.

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