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SPPage Builder Itemid Issue when Editing Joomla Article

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I reported this issue before that there is an issue with how the Itemid is handled when editing an article via SPPageBuilder. As of v3.4.9, there's no more Itemid in the URL when editing an article. The issue with that is you'll loose the module positions while editing and after exiting the SPPageBuilder editor. Another issue is after exiting the editor the ampersands in the URL are converted to html entity & a m p ;

I am running on nginx server so I don't have htaccess. Can any of the support please test this in your end to confirm what I am saying please? I have tested this in 3 different setup, with heavy mods to HU, default HU install + SPPageBuilder with no other extension installed, and using Hope template from quickstart. Guess what, I am getting the same issue.

Again, I am using nginx, so I don't have htaccess. The Itemid issue seems to be not happening when a page is build with SPPageBuilder pages, it only happened when a page is a Joomla Article but using SPPage Builder.



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LAC Webadmin

More than a month ago #Permalink
In components/com_sppagebuilder/controllers/page.php line 242, the cancel method which is called when Close button is clicked in SPPagebuilder Editor. The URL is pulled from the hidden input which is encoded using base64_encode.

What I did is use htmlspecialchars_decode() php function to convert the & back to a character.


Now, the ampersand is properly rendered in the URL.

As for the issue with the article using SPPageBuilder without Itemid (Menu Id), in /plugins/content/sppagebuilder/sppagebuilder.php on line #212, I added this code:


Also, notice the mispelled tmpl=componenet? It should be tmpl=component.

Is it possible for you guys to update the code base? I don't think this code change will cause issue but will fix issues with people like me who uses non Apache server and non standard use of Article component.



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More than a month ago #Permalink

PS: I believe, I had a very similar issue with appended standard MAMP ports :8888
Temporarily I had to switch to the alterantive default setting, which also seem to hide the port number from the URLs. Only that setting works with PageBuilder. I guess, I have posted this issue already...

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
In meantime HU 1.1.1 was published
In meantime HU 1.1.1 was published

In my case, it is not related to the template framework. It is an issue with PageBuilder edit/preview/save workflow. Coming from the backend pages manager.

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