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Starting Point - Theory of Operation

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All I wanted to do first is change the top slide show (keep one slide only and change the wording).

After applying and saving - the menu is gone and so is the slideshow. ?????????

I wanted to add a footer menu with a login link and a logout link - Now it only shows a user's profile options ?????

I've been using Joomla since it was Mambo.

Thanks for taking time to build a powerful templating system.


Where to start learning it?

An overview document would be EXTREMELY useful.

Please explain the theory of operation.

"If you have been using Joomla's standard template, get ready for a big improvement. Here is what we did. We are using The Helix Framework to do the following:

This enhances and replaces the old joomla template management by providing better XYZ...

If you are used to module positions, you can use the Helix framework to ZZZZZ

Our Page Builder takes it one step further. This replaces the BBBBBB

Where is the starting point?

I want to create menus to pages/content/components. Real simple need - ?????

The documentation for SP Page Builder - Intro is just a marketing piece, not anything useful. How about a step by step tutorial?

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
I am not sure from which topic, you thought I should start.
Ok, maybe from fun part, please watch my clip:
In old times... in Mambo as well, you had to use modules and module position from template to build pages, right. Right now you can "forget" about modules and use only SP Page Builder to create sub-pages using addons.
Yes, in next days, weeks I will create more video clips for beginners, I promise.
This would be better way than "boring" text manuals, I guess.

Jeff Honeyager

More than a month ago #Permalink

Thanks for the reply.

I found more information on the blog - more basic how to get started and basics.

Just telling me " can forget about modules and use only SP Page Builder" would have saved me a few hours - thanks for that. Put that somewhere up front for us...

STRONG SUGGESTION: create a text/html version 1st. Then do the videos later. I think most of would rather see text with screen shots. Why?
1) We can scan past what we already know in text - with a video you are never sure where to start and stop for a specific step/task
2) we can have the screen shot open in one browser while we work on a site in another - and do not have to worry about timing the pause or rewinding the video.
3) The text version is a better reference. It is easier to search for a specific step in a text (html) document then to go searching through a video.
4) It is easier to update the text/html when a new version / feature or step is needed.

Thanks again.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
To be honest, mentioned video clip is from my blog post :

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