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Sub menu disapperaing when moving cursor from main menu item

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Hi there,

I am using template At_web_design with Helix framework and helix megamenu. I have the following issue:

I am using helix megamenu oprtion full which works fine. When I select a top level menu item the sub menu is shown properly. When I move the cursor off from the main menu item the sub menu disappers. I have no chance to select any sub menu item. This is only in case I select full. All other properites are working fine.

Can you please help?


1 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Hi Juergen,
we can help but only for our templates or clean Helix3 template,
not in case of custom template made by 3th party developer.
You paid for template and their support as well. Sorry.

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