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Hi, I'm a identity designer that can build websites. I used many systems and ended with sppagebuilder simply because of the excelent frontend design and way it behaves on the fundament of joomla with the article editor too, fits nicely with j2store. So thumbs up! Hands down the best tool.

Now I have a suggestion that would DRASTICALLY change the time it takes to alter a site. I notice that by the end of working with the template I first started with, the customer always wants to much different where there comes a point you think... Rather start fresh with blank template myself. I get mixedup with all the template related classes while adding my own CSS to the custom.css file. Now I am extremely used to work with less since its less coding.

Now I believe that when I work with templates or blocks, all element related settings are bound to that element. IF I duplicate the element like 30 times in 4 languages, thats a real pain in the ass to change let alone remember which pages and what elements need that change.

No I have a sollution I would consider to make a priority of it.

Can you integrate a function that acts as a "linked objects" for sections, rows, columns, elements AND its selectboxes,sliders and inputfields. What I would do is ADD an small icon to the green :hover menu of front end elements AND at the front end flyout menu selectboxes,sliders and inputfields. (all cssable fields.). that uses a right aligned dropdown menu to add, rename, remove linked objects.

So lets say, I have a site with 20 pages all based on the same layout, I only simply have to alter 1 setting like I would do with less/css and voila. No coding required or stupid overrides.

So befor we can make those changes, we should have tagged the objects (which work as classes basically). When I create an element and also ADD a new linked object, I can simply select ALL elements in the site that I want to be linked to that specific linked object. (doesnt matter if it is exactly the same type of element or not because it READS input and generates the correct CSS and save it into a special SPPB pseudo class.

So now we have an element that is attached to a linked object any other object linked to that saved class, by selecting the dropdownbox and click on the name used for the first element, it will auto fill in all data. When someone CHANGES this data input, it will update the DATA also to first created field.

Usefull for large site projects with multi languages.
faster site development
Option to save the block like you can do now just because extremely more usefull since these blocks CAN (but do not have to) contain linked objects.

2 Answers

Alexander van Aken

More than a month ago #Permalink
So object linked styles are saved in object-linked.css and loads before the custom.css

Alexander van Aken

More than a month ago #Permalink
When an anything is tagged as a linked object it should say " HEY YOU, BE WARNED, when making me become a linked object all data is being migrated to the object-linked.css, do you want to continue". this way it looks the same, but not will be added as a override. (if compiler to production mode already does it, then it ofcourse is of no use)

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