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[SUGGESTION] Add a smart detection for Mobile/UserAgents/Devices -

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Hello, I would like to make a feature request for smart device/userAgents detection.
Purposes: Reduce bandwidth, physically hide positions, removing animations / scripts for effects etc.

Wouldn't it make sense to add a "Device/UserAgents-Detection" to PAGEBUILDER and/or HELIX3 framework?!
I guess this is the most famous and widely used project: <a href=""></a> <br>

Many 3rd-party CMS and projects seem to rely on it.

These are existing Joomla related projects:
yagendoo Joomla! Mobile Detection Plugin
User Agent Detector plugin by @ReneKreijveld

Please, think about it.
Thanks in advance.

4 Answers

Alex Smirnov

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

Thank you for your constant flow of ideas, pepperstreet. Much appreciated.

Forgive me if I may sound silly, but isn't what responsiveness all about - to fit nicely into a browsing agent regardless of its size, without browser sniffing?




More than a month ago #Permalink
Alex Smirnov wrote:
but isn't what responsiveness all about - to fit nicely into a browsing agent regardless of its size, without browser sniffing?

NP. In theory this might be enough. But consider the real word situation out there:
First of all screen resolutions differ and evolve so fast, it is not as easy as it was in the beginning. The screen SIZE/DIMENSION is not necessarily equal to the available pixels. Higher resolutions might even result in a much smaller display. For instance, many Phones do have more pixels and screenwidth than most of the average consumer Tablets. So, how do you target a specific device than?

If "responsiveness" means a dynamic flow of the layout, and resizing grid-columns width... you are right. But thats not all, IMHO.
What if you have to show/hide different things for different devices? A media-query alone can't be "fool-proof".
Another reason is the heavy use of "eye-candy": We have animation fx, scripts, fullscreen videos, etc. CSS helper classes might hide things visually, but that does not save any bandwidth! Nowadays, media-queries can't distinguish between certain device groups like phone / tablet / desktop/ large tv. As mentioned before, you can have a phone or tablet that has a higher resolution than an 27" iMac ;)

Examples & use cases:
CSS Animations and Parallax-FX looks nice on larger screen, but are annoying on smaller phones. You might have the option to disable the libraries completely. This is all or nothing. It would be smarter to turn it on/off device-dependent.
Template-Layout and positions could be used much smarter. Less important or heavy stuff could be omitted on smaller devices. Or at least re-positioned. You could serve a tailored layout for every device "group".

mobiledetect might is no a 100% solution on its own, but it seems to help a lot as a companion.
IMHO, media-queries + device detection makes a website "responsive" and "adaptive".

Hence the list of 3rd-party projects that make use of it.

Alex Smirnov

More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks once again for taking you time and laying the arguments out so nicely. If you don't mind, I am now moving this thread to "General discussions" and mark it as featured thread, to make it sticky.




More than a month ago #Permalink
Just wanted to add some interesting additional information:

Did you know there is a Joomla core "equivalent" for device & browser detection?

Thanks for listening!

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