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SVG logo overwritten with original after template update ( through joomla updates )

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I'm using your Helix Ultimate with page builder pro
in localhost xampp (all latest versions).

Point 1-

I'm also using my own SVG logo and it was working perfectly:

It was done by replacing file original logo.svg file with my own, at


Today, after template update through joomla updates,

SVG logo was overwritten with helix template original one.

( all other template settings were maintained and also, any css customization was maintained, as I'm using custom.css file for this).

After replacing again the svg logo file with my own one, all went normal ...

Quesiton 1 :

Is there any way that permits not having to replace it after any template updates ?

Point 2-

I'm using the template with Custom Style ON, in preset settings.

That said, from all I've read in your forums, the template assumes none
of the presets 1 - 8 , being the assumed one named default (and all css
changes (for custom.css) file must be done having this default "preset" in mind).

Quesiton 2-1 :

I'm I correct ?

Quesiton 2-2 :

If yes, why the svg logo file replacement (with my own one) only
works when done at " preset1\ "


and not " default\ "


Could it be because, despite preset settings Custom Style is ON,
I'm using a predefined header (the second, white one) at
layout builder / predefined headers ?

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Garcia

3 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Update = all original files are override. It's how it work in Joomla.
But in HU you can choose SVG logo so I don't understand why you had to override default template file(s).

Yes you can try to create your own style-preset.


More than a month ago #Permalink

point 1

I didn't know I can select svg logo on Helix Ultimate at basic / logo ,
I thought only could select jpg, gif or png.

point 2

even I don't need to do what is in this point,
can you tell me, being using default preset,
why I need to put own logo on preset 1 ?

(again, I already know I don't need to do it this way
its only to understand Helix Ultimate structure).


Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
ad 1) It was in HU manual - it's much easier

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