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Template Bug = Overriding Layout of Joomla Fields issue?

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Hi There,

The below is what I sent to the people at Easy Profile, which I use to extend my site's Joomla Registration fields and I've noticed recently since moving to Helix Ultimate for my sites template, that there are a couple of areas within my sites member registration process, that now show some additional info that I don't want it to and believe that it shouldn't be.

Firstly check out the following URLS to see the areas;

Postcode field - Under 'Postcode' see where it says
" placeholder="e.g. NN10 XYZ (as documented on official letter, with the space between)" maxlength="8" required aria-required="true" >'

Last Name field - Under 'Last Name' see where it says
"" maxlength="255" required aria-required="true" > "

They have since replied with the following and hence why I am making contact with you here at Joomshaper;

Strange Text
This is a bug of the template, it override layout of Joomla fields. Probably this override comes from a old Joomla version.
Field like Postcode is a text field type, Easy Profile uses Joomla built-in Text field to create it.
Your template override text output, basically the file called /templates/shaper_helixultimate//html/layouts/joomla/form/field/text.php override Joomla layout at /layouts/joomla/form/fields/text.php. This override is based to a old Joomla version.
To fix this problem you can rename file at /templates/shaper_helixultimate//html/layouts/joomla/form/field/text.php with a name like text_no.php

Also, we recommend to contact developer of template to fix it, otherwise all HTML descriptions will not works.

Therefore, whilst I have done their mentioned temporary workaround... I'm seeking a longer term solution from you here at Joomshaper?


8 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
thanks, we have to investigate the code , and I hope in next update it should be fixed / improved.

So far use tip from JSN

Robert Stones

More than a month ago #Permalink
This is now 12 months old, please tell me that it is fixed - as in the last update, it wasn't as the same thing is still happening and it shouldn't be?!


More than a month ago #Permalink
Is this bug fixed now ? Pls focus on Helix Ultimate and SP Pagebuilde fixing their bugs first. Thks!

Robert Stones

More than a month ago #Permalink
Is this bug fixed now ? Pls focus on Helix Ultimate and SP Pagebuilde fixing their bugs first. Thks!

I like to re-visit very old requests, whilst 'workarounds' may well be offered, as it was in this topic - it is not a permanent solution if it isn't in the core that comes from the developer.

Therefore, I reverted back to an old copy that didn't have the workaround in and it was still happening = it STILL hasn't been fixed and hence why I asked the question above that I did.

I hope that clarifies things for you!

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
sorry, but personally I can't speed up developing process,
besides all developers are busy now with Joomla 4.0
I hope soon we will present HU update.


One week ago #Permalink
Hi guys,
I suppose it is something that is causing similar issues within DPCalendar (that is 100% based on default Joomla Custom Fields) Color BUGs
well hope this was reported to dev team of Helix Ultimate and will be updated next time?
@ssnobben - thanks to Sifat, I'm going to test this fix for the two Color field issues.
Please, Can you test it too and report there ?

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