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Template License Expiring, Issues not fixed.

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Hi Support,

This is not a specific issue, but an issue with outstanding bugs/issues that have not been fixed.
The template license will run out on 4/26/2018 and will recommend to my client to not renew.

Very disappointed with results on fixs, or fixes that made the issues worse.
I still have the issue of the Image, Not the text not being responsive, can't get you to understand or fix it, been 3 months, project is now Live and issue still persists.

I will not recommend my client renew the license, or purchase any others from you due to you using your customers for beta testing, and not providing better disclosures.

One big issue is SPPB 3 does not work well with this template, and the template is not forward compatible with SPPB 3.

The other is if you use a slider addon, you can't use it in an article, your fix is, don't use it in an article, that just SUCKS! This is confusing as the frontpage can only be managed in the SPPB 3 extension, but others pages use articles, this is very confusing.
So confusing that I reverted back to ZOO, and deleted SPPB 3 pages.
This caused a lot of frustration on my clients part, and wasted way to much time and money.

Just got an email notice 4/6/2018 on the JCE editor issue and SPPB 3 that another customer was having and reported the same issue, this is over a month old and no fix, or response from support.

I spoke to my client and will review making a change after their season, your solutions will be dropped. No choice, may even go to WordPress because of this.

I also see you do on average respond to tickets, but the fixes don't work, or fixes make it worse to a point that I give up, or try to fix it myself, or in the case revert back to another extension solution, or require customizations that are not customer/client friendly. This kills the purpose of SPPB 3 and easy building pages.
That you have so many threads for so many issue, with your products, really make me regret my recommendation to use your products. I fully understand the complex nature of the platform and solutions, but your solutions were supposed to make it easier and faster for all to use. Found this to be the opposite.

Also with so many clients wanting to go to WordPress and BeaverBuilder, this make MY job so much harder to convince them to stay with Joomla, or to even now suggest your products.

I Just Wished It Worked Better, but will not fight it anymore, and not even make future recommendations.
You don't just make it harder on Joomla devs, you make it harder to keep them on Joomla.
If they move, you're no longer a necessary option, and are losing market share.

Just Wanted It To Work...

1 Answers

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

I have been seen you connect with our Nayem Majhar. I hope he will assist you. If you need more help, please communicate with us.


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