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The Trailer Feature Not Working

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Hi all,

I've been trying to add trailers to my template but for some reason I keep getting a 403 Forbidden error. I have a feeling there is a syntax error or even a set up error that I have missed.

I have published the Trailers module and I have even set it as a menu item but when I go to my movie settings in the SP Movie Db component and add any video link whether it is YouTube or Vimeo, I get this error.

Help! :(

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More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

Could you please share your website administrator login info via pm ? So that I can take a look at it.



More than a month ago #Permalink
Right so after further research I have found that the module has a hard time understanding: http://or https://when added to a URL. When http:// is removed, the module then identifies the link to the video to be part of my website in the following format:

www.mydomian.com/http://trailer_url.com (generic example, please don't click)

I added the URL without the https://[intro in the embed URL but the video file can't be found.

So I then uploaded my own trailer to my own server and put an internal URL in the field: "/file/video.mp4" of this module and it plays fine. Recognising the video to be in: "http://www.mydomain.com/file/video.mp4" (don't click, this is not a link to my website, it is just a generic example)

I have used the embed links from both Vimeo and YouTube and it is definitely the http:// tag causing the problem. I always seem to get a "403 Forbidden URL" error in the admin area when I click save.

PS I would prefer resolutions to be suggested on the forum so other users may know how to fix it if they encounter it rather than giving anyone back end access.

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink

Thanks for your query. Without http:// video won't work. You have to use http://.



More than a month ago #Permalink
what is the solution for this issue. when i keep the https:// it does not let me know save. and i get the 403 error.

Toufiq - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
what is the solution for this issue. when i keep the https:// it does not let me know save. and i get the 403 error.

Hi there, Please send me the Joomla administrator access via pm. Let me check, please. Thanks

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