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Translation to another language

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I'm translating Zaara to czech languge and I've found really bad thing. Translating Zaara is OK, before the SP_August="Aug" and another months. The Zaara is made in this cause really bad. It Dig up the chains from actually Joomla! translation (for me cs-CZ) and make the chain of month like SP_NAMEOFMONTHINTRANSLATE="translation". In czech it's:


But when I translate it with typicaly czech chars: áéíóúůšěčřžý

It cames with error, and it doesnt been translated. When the chain is without any of char up, it's ok, but if it's:

SP_ÚNOR, It doesnt work. It works if the char Ú is small (ú).

It's really bad for translators and it's really better, make it without it, and make it from chain in main translation file (en-GB, cs-CZ).

The chain is SHORT_AUGUST, and another months in this file in the month category.

If here is some problem with this fix, tell me why?

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