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Update issue and several other problems

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Dear Paul

This weekend I asked you to look at the issue that SP page builder could not be installed in joomla on the site parolu.org because of a database error. I also provided you all login information.

I reserved last weekend to build the website en therefore I decided not to wait for your reply and I deleted and reinstalled the whole domain (clean setup). After that I could install SP page builder so this issue is solved.

I have quite some other issues that I really need you help for. I tried to explain

Basic information
I bought the SP page builder pro i.c.m. the template “Giver” and installed everything accordenly the instruction on your site on my domain parolu.org

Multi language setup

I tried to setup multilanguage with the help of this video:

Unfortunately, the flags are not appearing in the menu of the giver template. I checked and double checked everything but without any result. After several hours a decided to also install the languages in the SP page builder menu option “languages” itself (this was not instructed in the video). Also without any result. Furthermore, in the video I see flags behind the language menu’s but I don’t have them. Please advise me on this.

I can unpublish menu items but I cannot publish them again. Either I receive an error message “Failed publishing 1 menu item as at least one of its parents is unpublished or one of its children is checked out.” Or the red cross keeps standing in front en/ or of the menu item.
1. I can unpublish menu items but I cannot publish them again. Or I receive this error message: “Failed publishing 1 menu item as at least one of its parents is unpublished or one of its children is checked out” or there is no error but the item remains unpublished. Can you explain me please?
2. If I link a existing page to a new menu that I created, only a “home” buttons appears in the middle of the page, the whole layout and all items are not visible but if I open that specific page in “preview” mode, the layout is there. What is going on?
3. How can I use / integrate other plugins and modules with this template and SP page builder?
4. I like to edit the first section of the giver template (the one with the banner and the menu in it) but I can’t reach the edit menu on top of this section in the frontend editor. Please admise me
5. I need to add some html code in the template (for instance for statistics and a live chat account function). Where can I do this because I only can add CSS code?
6. Why is SP page builder module deactivated? I saw in several tutorials that it should be deactivated but I don’t understand that
7. I bought the pro version of SP page builder and the paid subscription for the templates. On your website I can read that this is a life time use subscription. But on the invoice stands that it is only for one year. Can you explain me please?

Please bare in mind that I spend the last 3 days trying to setup the website without the desired result so I am really looking forward to your (fast) reply

Note: I am not an experienced website builder so please try to explain me as simple as you can.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Remco Brouwer

Ps: I don’t know how I can read your answers on the forum site so please send your reply to: [email protected]

4 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
sorry for the delay.
In some templates we override the language module, so you may not see flags, and it requests small customization.
ad 1) It seems to be Joomla message, we do not develop Joomla code nor teach Joomla basics. For this you have the official Joomla Forum. Sorry.
ad 3) It was fully described in SPPB documentation > How To Tips > How to use....
ad 4) Sorry for that, in that case, this Row edit from back-end editor.
ad 5) It's described in Helix Ultimate documentation > Custom Code, link to this was also in template documentation
ad 6) By default in Joomla all or some modules are disabled, you have to enable them to use them. Basic Joomla Knowledge.
ad 7) It means that for ONE-year you can download updates and use support forum. It's like member-card access to Gym.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
ad 2) I have to see a video to tell more. Maybe it was related to language settings, hard to say.

The Education Company

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. I do understand that you cannot teach me about the joomla system itself but your template is built for this system so it seems to me that in some cases it is not that simple to differentiate/exclude if the problem is joomla or template related. Anyway, I try to solve those things myself.

I bought this template because it is multi-language. Now you are telling me that this template might be overriding some things and it needs a minor adjustment. But you don't tell me which one so I still have this problem. It is not only that I don't see the flags but I don't see the entire multi-language menu in the template anywhere appearing. So please please tell me how to fix it. I can continue.

Thank you in advance.

Remco Brouwer.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
It override only flags display module, not multilingual system.
If you can share your website URL I can check what is "missing"

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