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Upload Problem Picture - it is not allowed to see this resource

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Joomla Version: 3.8.2
JCE 2.6.21
PHP Version: 7.0.25
Sp Version 3.03
Template Framework: Gantry

Fresh Installation

uploading images / Pdfs
not possible - neither with images nor browse folders
i can create folders but i can't upload anything
no picture no pdf

it is not allowed to see this resource

12 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
1) You cannot upload from Addons only ?
2) Send me full access to your site.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
How it was possible?

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  • no-magic.jpg
    no-magic.jpg 179.8 KB
you use the media tool from sp page builder and not an element like image.
If you use an element and upload an image you will see the message, that it doesn't work.

Please take another try

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
I tested with both Firefox + Chrome = no problems all worked smooth.
please use an article not from yourself
we have always the same failure message

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
"please use an article not from yourself"

Sorry, I don't understand, what is relation with SPPB ?

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
I was also able to upload images to Article and "Kurse" Page
If you need my help please record a short video clip as I did 2x
if someone else in the joomla system create an SPPB Article that is the relation.
You cant delete any picture when you go to Browse Folder

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
Why you couldn't tell me at the beginning ???

You told that you cannot upload image, not delete.

Sorry Paul we have the whole day the problem that we cant upload anything.
I dont know what happend - Now we can upload it.
I think we have a proxy problem and a cache problem.

sorry for that

But we have two tasks with problems and in my other support task i have the probem in the Browse Folders that we cant delete anything.
its much more easier than we take a video - for all other problems we have now and in the future.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

5 days ago #Permalink
Exactly. Screenshot or video is always very useful.

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