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URLs to Open Tabs and Accordions / Track Views

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Hello, I'm wondering how I can get URLs that will open specific tabs or accordions. Most builders I've used have had some option, so I'm curious how this is handled with SP Page Builder.

That way, I can track how people interact with the site.



6 Answers

Shibbir - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
Hello there,

Unfortunately, There is no option to do this using SP Page Builder extension.


Paul Frankowski - Staff

2 weeks ago #Permalink
without extra JavaScript I guess it's not possible, sorry.
We didn't plan this feature yet.
I'd be interested to hear what it might cost for that to be added. Thanks for the replies, guys.
Is custom work not something you do?

Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
Indeed, we do not create custom solution(s).
I hope you will find someone.
Think about SPPB 3.x not 2.x.

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