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Using 2 different template for 1 project

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Hi, I have question. Could I use 2 different template for 1 project?
E.g. Could i use slider and gallery with (eg. Revibe template) then working in another template?

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
if those addons are assigned/built-in in one template, you cannot easily.

But your Joomla can use 2 or more templates for whole website.
So template A can be assigned to Menu item A, template B can be assigned to Menu item B, etc.

Sometimes better is to use addcional slider module than play with crazy mixes.
Many of our users install advanced Sliders and use them with SPPB sites.
If your project is not from offeria for 100-300zł you should have budget to buy a professional Slider module and use it many many times.

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