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Using custom.less / compililng cutom.less into custom.css

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I am using corporex template, I added a custom.css file. works fine. I now want to use a custom.less file that will generate the custom.css file so that I will be able to use predefined less mixins.

I tried to add a custom.less file in the less folder in the template directory using the Template file customization tools in Joomla's admin backend. Pressing the button 'compile LESS' says the compilation suceeds, but the custom.css in css folder remains unmodified.

Can you indicate a way top proceed: ie How do I compile a custom.less file into a custom.css in joomla's admin backend?


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Alex Smirnov

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi there,

I just played with this very compilation of custom.less scenario on my own out of the box Corporex quick start sandbox and it run as charm. The styles, added into the custom.less propagated into the custom.css just fine (see my screenshots attached).



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