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We need a SP Page Builder 3.X Smart Search Plugin

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I am pretty sure people have been asking for the SP Page Builder to come with a Smart Search plugin since version 1.1. It is now years later and version 3.0.1.

There is still no Smart Search without creating workarounds. What is the timeframe for completing this?

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Paul Frankowski - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Hi Daniel,
yes, we have this topic on our TO DO list (quite high), so I hope in next weeks it will be done.
First, we have to fix all annoying errors, then new features.
Just adding my vote here, slowly getting sites to use SP Page Builder but the lack of smart search has limited it to smaller sites. My more commercial sites demand a better search and so use Joomla Smart Search but not being able to see any content made in Page Builder is a serious limitation.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

3 weeks ago #Permalink
every vote counts, thanks. We remember about it.
I have raised this topic a few moth ago, but still no changes. In the meanwhile a rudamentary search is possible, but only in articels which where created in Pagebuilder. Joomla articles with Pagebuilder content are still not visible for the search.

So, what means "this topic on our TO DO list (quite high)" after a few month. Sorry, but this is taking to long.

I guess a lot of people wainting for an answer with a date.

A functional search is really needed for a lot of sites.

The software ist only useful for small sites which doesn't need a search for a couple pages.


Paul Frankowski - Staff

One week ago #Permalink
I will remind our developer.
I hope the solution will provided soon. :)

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