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Why has my video using SPPage Builder Video Add-on stopped working? - "Video Unavailable"

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I have Joomla 3.9.2 with SPPage Builder 3.4.3 (Previously 3.4.1) and I have a YouTube video URL in the correct place within the Video Add-on. (See video address below) (Note this will work if you use this url in any browser?)

When you open the page the video 1st frame is visible with the play button in the middle, if you press the play button a grey screen appears and says Video Unavailable? However, if you right click the video and copy the URL it will play perfectly if pasted into any browser.

So the URL seems to be working fine, the video used to work fine, but a customer pointed this out to me today, so I have no idea how long this has been an issue, it may have been weeks or even months. But i need to resolve this now that it is broken. As the video plays and the link works outside of Joomla/SPPage Builder I can only assume that it must be an issue with the add-on or Joomla.

Please provide some insight into this issue please.



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